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Calumite (R) is known as a raw material for the manufacture of container, float and fiber glasses.
Calumite (R) provides following benefits : improved glass melting, quality of glass, reduced fuel costs, increased pull,  reduced refractory wear, improved redox and glass color control.
Calumite (R) is manufactured since 1980 in Luxembourg.  The company Calumite SA has a long experience in both container and float glass batches
Everyday Calumite SA supplies more than 20 float lines in Europe.
In 2003, Calumite SA expanded activities in Spain with a subsidiary : Calumite Iberica, based in Oviedo.  This new plant supplies Spain, Portugal, and exports markets in South America.
Since 2011, Calumite SA has a good sea connection.  Calumite SA exports to ASIA Region and GULF Region.
The Calumite(r) product will give to the glassmakers benefits.  Try it.